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Sancheti Global Overseas (SGO) honey established in 2014 is a truly export oriented firm solely dealing in export of Natural Honey from India to USA, Canada and Gulf countries. 

Each lot exported is uniformly blended, analyzed at German laboratory for tetracyclines, nitrofurane metabolites, sulphonamides, nitro imidazole, fluoroquinolones, streptomycin, macrolides, chloramphenicol, pesticides, geographical origin and adulteration with C4 sugars. Henceforth, honey is packed as per client requirements.

Important Benefits of Honey

 Improves digestion 
 Sugar substitutes are safe for diabetics
 Clears throat congestion
 Helps wound healing
 Potent antioxidant
 Prevents burn-wounds pathogen
 Regulates blood pressure 

Controls liver problems 
Prevents bacterial attack
Benefits when included in cooking 
Removes bad cholesterol 
Best natural sweetener for children
Effective remedy against cough 
Prevents aging 

Our honey is 100% Pure, Tested. Certified. 
Contains No added color/flavor/sugar.Originating from flower nectar. 
Multi Floral. Rapeseed. Mustard. Eucalyptus. Sunflower. 

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